California Desert Roadrunner

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P2090092 by estelle_b1
P2090092, a photo by estelle_b1 on Flickr.

California Desert Roadrunner

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Organic Strawberries in Magical Morongo!

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Organic Strawberries

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Desert Roadrunner bird

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Hot desert roadrunner/Cool Breath Machine

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Hummingbird you wake me with this mornings rain you buzz around like a rather large bee, whuzz whuzz and dart startingly fast

you feed on the red orange trumpet flowers, recklessly tearing one to the ground, so rough for one so tiny

finished and satisfied you sit so still on the branch outside my window a minute or two! who know you could sit so long and ponder the mountain

Hummingbird pondering the mountain

Hummingbird pondering the mountain

2 sweetheard lizards sunning themselves on a big rock awww!

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Free LIVE WEBCASTING of the 2009 Coachella Music Festival!

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Hey everyone get ready for a great live music weekend for FREE!

Here is the link:

All you need is a simple plugin and you are ready to ROCK to the Legend Sir Paul McCartney who has sold out Friday night! coachella-poster

where are you Paul McCartney?

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where are you Paul McCartney?

I know you are in town, because I feel the music


where are you?

are you staying with eric in JT?

wherever you are now,  I know you are feeling the cool brisk winds of this early early  april 16, 2009 morning

how lucky I am to have you here!



I can feel the music

it is so close

and so wonderful!

should i tell you i met your wonderful mother 10 plus year ago, a youthful wonder, i know where you get it from;

chaperoning your sister Ruth, beautiful in her muti colored pastel nails

who hailed me as the best receptionist in LA

and told me to pursue a career of song and movement

what generosity!

how astonished and grateful i was


get on with yer bad arse musso self!!!

I say you’ll start Coachella with a very slow piano intro of  “let em in” absolutely brilliant and will bring the house down


“get back”

and then everything after that,

i more than trust you with my musical vulnerability.

You will be AMAZING!

For a fan that met you on Ed Sullivan just a few light years ago;


and so very very many thanks for too many brilliant songs to list,

love yah and so does the world,

you took, these sunken eyes and learned us too see!