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How to keep “Snow Bird” skin moist in the desert!

Yes, it’s been quite a change. Journeying from the East Coast, (Southern Connecticut) to the West Coast (Southern California). We have happily joined for now, the ranks of the all too wise “Snow Birds”

Wet to dry. Green to brown. But the world is special in all of it’s locations. And I am discovering all of these special nooks and crannies and how to adjust to desert living.

Well 1st of all it’s moisturize, moisturize, and then sunblock! To prevent the desert’s high winds, sunny climate and winters fireplaces/heaters that suck out all of your precious water, your body has, you must start with the basics, moisturizing.

1.  Oil up on Jojoba Oil (pronounced “ho-HO-bah”) after showering or bath to lock in moisture.

Jojoba is THEE IDEAL moisturizer.  Jojoba is a shrub native to California, Arizona and Northern Mexico’s deserts.  It can be found in health stores or the natural or organic section in any good market. It is a golden magical elixir ideal for  moisturizing  every part on your body. Since it is similar to human sebum, it is soaked in by our skin, instead of  laying on top like baby oil. It balances the skin. Moisturizing dry skin and easing oil production in oily skin. Since it is a natural product you needn’t worry about chemicals and additives and it goes a  along way, so it is also economical! It cleans and “luxes” up every part on your poor water parched body. Hydrating Lips, Eyelashes, Hair, Bellies, Arms, Legs and feet. Oh the Relief!   So how do you say it?

Oh! Jojoba! (ho HO bah)!

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